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22 Best Apps for Education

Posted on: Июнь 6, 2011

I recently knew that some schools and high-schools are encouraging students to use iPads and iPhones in and out of the classroom. There is no doubt that they are perfect tools to engage students: kids and teenagers find it very easy to use and love gadgets, plus it is much easier to get students doing homework when they feel comfortable with the tool. We already have plenty of tools, platforms and apps that can help students and teachers collaborating and working together, real time even, but when it comes to assignments, most of them find it hard to get related to those activities, and here is where PCs, tablets and mobile phones simplified the job and even make it more attractive to the youngsters. So, if you want your students to get more involved in their learning process, you can suggest them one of these 22 best Apps.

Leafsnap: developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. It uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. Free

Grammar Up HD: a must for grammar, vocabulary and writing skills

SkyView: a paid App to explore the Universe.

World Atlas: by National Geographic, a great map app

iBooks: a library and a bookstore 24/7

iElements: Periodic Table of The Chemical Elements.

Scales & Modes: is an interactive visual and audio reference for the diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music theory

FREE Spanish Tutor: great to refresh your Spanish, your 24/7 Spanish lab.

Math bingo: a great game for kids to learn while playing.

MathBoard: a real board with great features

Vocabology: this App is really helpful to increase vocabulary (free)

Safe Browser : With Internet Filter & Parental Controls based on a path-breaking content filtering engine

Flashcards+: very easy tool to make your own flashcards (free)

Blackboard Mobile™ Learn for iPhone: one of my favorites and best tools. It works with Blackboard’s Web-based teaching and learning (free)

iStudiez Pro: a perfect suite for teenagers to be active and dynamic learners. 2010 Best Young Adults App for iPad! 2010 Best Parenting App for iPad! 2009 Best App Ever Award Winner in Education category!

TED Mobile: this one’s useful for everyone! Watch the best TED videos based on tags, talks, etc… (free)

Human Anatomy: learn the names of various body parts, organs and other terminologies related to the human body. It also has an option to take tests and if you click on a body part, it has a full description (free)

Algebra: developed by YourTeacher.com. The app is free but lessons are .99

University of Phoenix Mobile: jug work, family and school to keep everything organized, plus have your online classroom on your device (free)

Rocket Math: great for elementary school kids

Graphing Calculator: a perfect tool for calculus, algebra…

Stack the Countries: a very interesting app to learn geography.

Do you know any other interesting and useful Apps? Please share them with us

Source, Газета про E-learning


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