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Top Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

Posted on: Июнь 6, 2011

Hashtags are a great way of searching for tweets in a specific category from the whole of the Twitterverse – search for #ukedchat and you will come up with a huge stream of tweets which have been tagged as interesting to anyone wanting to read about UK education.  As well as searching for tagged tweets, you can tag your own tweet to make sure you are talking to an interested audience that extends beyond your followers.

You can tag absolutely any word on Twitter so it can sometimes be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.  I have read dozens of lists of ‘useful’ hashtags where many of the tags have never been used more than a handful of times.  Not useful in my book.

By talking to my followers and noting which hashtags are most often used by the tweeters I follow I have compiled a list of hashtags which I think will all be of interest to UK Teachers though many extend far beyond the UK.

General Education Hashtags

  • #ukedchat – UK Education.  In my opinion this is the most useful hashtag for UK Teachers.
  • #edchat – Education, worldwide (lots of US teachers).  A really useful hashtag if you are interested in tweeting with a wide range of educators worldwide.
  • #schools – Massively wide ranging but used far less than #edchat or #ukedchat
  • #teaching – This hashtag seems to largely be used for jobseeking so a good place to look if you’re moving on!
  • #lrnchat – Learning
  • #TTTeacher Tuesday where educators suggest others to follow
  • #kinderchathashtag for discussing kindergarten aged children
  • #EdChatIE – The educational hashtag for Ireland for all three levels


  • #edtech – a very wide range of tweets relating to the use of technology in education.  This is a great hashtag to follow and tends to be a lot more widely used than the more niche tags.  Though they may be worth following if you have a specific interest in that area
  • #elearning – eLearning (funnily enough!)
  • #mlearning – the use of mobile technologies in education, also #mobilelearning though this is less used
  • #edapp – educational apps
  • #gbl — games based learning
  • #lwf11 – Learning Without Frontiers Conference 2011
  • #slide2learniDevices and learning
  • #vitalcpd – effective use of technology in the classroom

Subject Specific

Specific Areas / Roles

  • #pgce – this is a widely used hashtag and is great for anyone in the UK doing their PGCE, a great way to share ideas and support
  • #gtchat – for tweets related to gifted and talented education
  • #esl – English as a second language, this seemed to have more relevant tweets than #EFL when I checked it
  • #Bullying – especially good for finding bullying resources or help and support if bullying is an issue though it is not confined to school bullying
  • #cpchat – connected principals, this is mainly used by American principals but I thought it worth including as there were some interesting links shared in the stream and it’s not too spammy
  • #ntchat — new teachers, (#nqtchat seems to have lapsed)
  • #spedchat – special educational needs.  Live chat every Tuesday night at 8:30 EST for special education related topics
  • #homeschool – everything related to home schooling, seems to be far more widely used than #hsc
  • #playoutdoorsoutdoor play and learning ideas
  • #TLChat — is the hashtag for Teacher Librarians’ discussions/resources

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В вот это — так просто в закладки, сейчас же подпишусь на эти теги, спасибо огромное

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